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The construction sector continues to be a high-risk industry for work related injuries. In this post we cover what insurance you should have in place

In light of this, it is imperative that the right type of insurance be implemented if you are operating within this industry, whether you are a sole trader or a multinational, a main contractor or a sub-contractor.

Risk Management  

As well as being renowned as a high-risk industry for potential injuries for workers, one element that is often overlooked in the construction sector is that workers are at an increased risk of experiencing health problems.

Causes of Occupational Disease

There are numerous underlying causes which put construction workers at an increased risk of occupational disease, including:

  • Site environment – construction work is carried out in many different environments rather than a single location such as an office or factory. The variety of environments to which construction workers are exposed increases the range of possible health risks which they could encounter.

  • Nature of construction work – construction sites are constantly changing, with a large number of workers carrying out potentially dangerous tasks at the same time as others in this dynamic sector.

  • Awareness of risk potential – some health conditions take time to develop, so construction workers are not necessarily fully aware of the long-term risks associated with certain types of exposure.

  • Employment – the scope for employers to look after their own health and safety is limited by the very nature of employment within the construction sector. Employment circumstances vary widely: some workers are permanent staff whilst others are self-employed, and due to the nature of the industry, workers generally change employers frequently. These circumstances make it difficult for workers to look after their health, resulting in very little or no contact with occupational health professionals.  

Other Risks

Without suitable insurance in place to protect those in the construction industry, employees are left wide open to a whole host of potential risks related to:

  • Physical health

  • Manual handling

  • Controlling hazardous substances

Insurance For Subcontractors

In the construction industry, a great deal of confusion has historically surrounded the question of whether insurance is required for subcontractors or not.

The answer to this question boils down to whether or not the subcontractors in question are labour-only or bona fide subcontractors.  

Because labour-only subcontractors work directly under an employer’s supervision using that company’s material and tools, by law they should be covered by insurance provided to them by their employer.  

Subcontractors who use their own materials and work without their employer’s supervision are known in the industry as bona fide subcontractors. Those that fall under this category are required to have their own insurance in place.

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