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Covered Insurance provide this information on how to protect your products by ensuring you have the right kind of manufacturing insurance in place

In light of these risks, manufacturers should ensure they invest in the right kind of manufacturing insurance to safeguard their staff and protect their products.  

Potential Risks 

Some of the risks which manufacturers and distributors face are:

  • Damage to goods

  • Theft of goods

  • Loss of income

  • Equipment failure

Manufacturer’s Responsibility

If you are manufacturing, altering or installing goods for the purpose of selling these to the public, you expose yourself to potential manufacturing liability lawsuits.

Manufacturers also run the risk of incurring potential legal costs if their products lead to bodily injury or property damage and the affected third parties sue them as a result.

Should your employees suffer an accident in the workplace, such as an injury from carrying boxes or a trip or fall, you need to know that your manufacturing insurance will cover you for these incidents.

Finally, what could be worse than losing all your electronic records as the result of a system failure? Manufacturing insurance protects data as well as you.

Benefits Of Manufacturing Insurance

No matter what industry or niche you are operating in, it is imperative that all manufacturers take the steps required to survive in today’s competitive markets.

Investing in tailored manufacturing insurance protects you, your workforce and your products.

A good manufacturing insurance policy should cover:

  • Stock

  • Contents

  • Buildings

  • Business interruption

  • Goods in transit

  • Product liability

  • Employers’ liability

A Bespoke Policy From Covered Insurance Solutions   

Whether you run a small-scale manufacturing unit or operate from large commercial premises, the potential risk you could be subjected to varies. It is, therefore, imperative that you have bespoke cover in place which caters for your specific needs as a manufacturer.

Manufacturing insurance from Covered Insurance Solutions guarantees you have the right insurance cover in place to protect you, your employees and your product no matter where it ends up.

The areas above are just some of the risks which our manufacturing insurance covers.

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