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Property owners must ensure they have the right insurance in place to safeguard themselves and the public against unexpected incidents.

Whether you are a home-based business or operate from an office, knowing what public liability insurance means for your business is crucial.

Public liability insurance helps to avoid paying unnecessary fees for damages and safeguards your business.

What Is Public Liability Insurance?

Public liability insurance provides protection for potential accidents suffered by members of the public linked to your premises.  

Property owners are responsible for paying any costs awarded to a member of the public if they suffer an injury after an accident that took place on the property owner’s premises.  

Owners must also provide compensation if the incident was linked to their premises in any way.

Does My Business Need It?

Public liability insurance should be considered essential if members of the public are connected to your business in one of the following ways:

  • Clients visiting your work premises

  • Customers receiving deliveries

  • On-site training

If you are a home-based business and you’re using a home office as a meeting space, it is important to have public liability insurance to provide cover in case of any potential injury suffered by the public on your premises.

How Will I Be Covered?  

Property owners’ liability insurance provides cover if someone is injured by your business, or if damage is made to third party property whilst work is carried out.

It enables property owners to meet any costs and damages awarded to a member of the public should they suffer an injury following an accident on, or related to, your premises.

This also includes any hospital treatment and ambulance costs claimed by the NHS.

Regardless of the size of your company, it is important to have the right protection in place if you are an operating business.

Potential Situations

Whether a visitor to your office trips over a cable or slips on a wet floor, or a hot drink spills over a client’s laptop, it is important to safeguard against risk and protect your business and your staff with the right policy.

Public liability claims provide cover for accidents at your business premises or outside of this space, such as during a site visit.

Take Action

Taking the time to fully understand public liability insurance and what it means for your business is vital.

Businesses that don’t have a policy suitable for their requirements leave themselves wide open to the possibility of paying large fees for damages.

So if you are a property owner and run a home-based business, find out more about a suitable public liability insurance policy to protect you and safeguard your staff and the public.

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