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"Covered Insurance Look Into What Business Interruption Insurance Really Is and Whether Or Not You Actually Need It. Read Our Overview Here.

It is therefore imperative that you implement the right strategy to protect your business from the unexpected with business interruption insurance.

What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

Preparing for the unknown is challenging, but business interruption insurance provides cover for any loss of income resulting from an unforeseen event.

If your business has encountered a loss of earnings as a result of an unexpected disaster and is unable to function as usual, business interruption insurance provides the right cover to help at what could potentially be a desperate time.

What Cover Is Provided?

Although policies differ, most business interruption cover will protect your business from the following eventualities:

  • Fire damage caused to business premises or equipment

  • Storm damage caused to your building or business equipment

  • Damage caused by flooding to premises or essential business equipment

Depending on the policy type, business interruption insurance may also cover:

  • Individuals being unable to access business premises

  • Damage affecting premises belonging to a business supplier or customer

A typical business interruption insurance policy will provide the following:

  • Financial costs – This includes any profits that would have been earned if the disaster hadn’t occurred. It also includes operating expenses and existing property costs.

  • Location – If temporary premises are required, some policies may provide cover for the extra expenses incurred to move and operate from this new temporary location.

  • Expenses – Any additional expenses incurred to enable the business to continue operating normally whilst the existing building is being repaired.

Even if you are unable to use your business premises while they are being repaired, some fixed costs associated with them may continue to be incurred.

It is therefore critical to be protected by a business interruption insurance policy that will cover your business if an unexpected event leads to things going wrong.

Should I Be Covered?

Protecting your business against all eventualities is key to safeguarding the future. Sometimes, disasters cannot be avoided, and having the right insurance policy in place will help you stay afloat during testing times.

Covering All Eventualities

Avert unexpected disasters as effectively as possible by having business interruption insurance firmly in place.

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