Landlords - Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm England Regulations 2015

Covered Insurance look into the regulations required by landlords to fit smoke alarms and look at the Smoke and carbon monoxide alarm regulations 2015

How are landlords affected?

The Regulations require landlords to fit a smoke detector in every storey of their property and a carbon monoxide alarm in any room that contains a solid fuel burning combustion appliance. There are certain regulations* supporting the Building Regulations (England and Wales) 2010 but there is nothing that relates to alarms in older properties, i.e. pre-2010.

A landlord’s duties under the new Regulations are to ensure:-

  • A smoke alarm is fitted on each storey that is wholly or partly used as living accommodation

  • A carbon monoxide alarm is fitted in any room that is used wholly or partly as living accommodation and contains a solid fuel burning combustion appliance

  • The smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are in proper working order at the start of any new tenancy

Whose alarms should be fitted?

Of course, the alarms should be selected from products carrying the BSI kitemark and CE Mark that comply with the relevant BSEN Standards. They should be fitted, used and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the landlord should also leave these instructions with the tenant, stressing the importance of weekly testing and battery replacement.

Is anything else needed?

The new Regulations are very specific but it is good safety practice to fit a carbon monoxide alarm in any room where there is an appliance burning any carbon-based fuel, including gas, oil, wood and coal.

Also, these Regulations do not change a landlord’s legal duties under current gas safety regulations** that relate to safety checks of any gas appliance, keeping records of these checks and the maintenance of such appliances.

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*Approved Documents (Fire Safety)

  Approved Document J (Combustion Appliance and Fuel Storage Systems)


**Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998