Simply put, legal expenses cover insures against the costs of legal advice, defending a court case and/or bringing a case to court.

For any business, legal expenses cover is another essential aspect of insurance. There are some key points to be aware of. Protecting against liability established by court ruling, such as fines, damages and settlements, comes under a different insurance policy umbrella entirely, depending on the nature of the case.

Legal expenses cover can also be purchased after an insurable event: for example, if a claim is brought against your business, you can insure against losing the case and covering the other parties’ legal costs – but again, there’s no cover against pay outs or liability.

After the Event Legal Expenses Insurance Policies

Legal expenses insurance can be purchased to cover events that have already happened, and can be used to supplement legal expenses cover that was purchased beforehand.

These policies can protect against additional “no win no fee” costs should your business lose in court. Conditional fees are generally higher than normal fees on account of the risk involved. This type of legal insurance may contain stipulations, conditions and exclusions that are extremely specific, and can at times be unusual. This is because of the elevated risk involved with the cover offered. All of this will be made crystal clear at the point of sale.

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